My Next Webinar - Digital Assistants for Collaboration and Customer Care

I've been doing webinars with Ziff Davis on a steady basis lately, and the next one is about digital assistants. This is another way of saying chatbots, and what I'm really talking about is the emergence of conversational interfaces as a way to leverage AI to make both collaboration and customer care more effective.

There's a lot to explore here, and I'll be providing an overview of current trends and opportunities based on my current research in this space. The webinar is next Tuesday, August 22 at 2pm ET, and I hope you can make it. As always, Ziff Davis webinars are free, and you can register here.

Habitat Soundscaping from Plantronics - Now for Something Completely Different

If you don't know what I'm getting at with that title, then ask your parents - they'll know.

Either way, I'm talking about something very new - and very different - from Plantronics. Building on their rich audio heritage in the headset business, they've come up with a unique approach to making the workplace more conducive to collaboration, but I'm not going to tell you here. I'm just trying to make sure you know that my current No Jitter writeup has been posted, and that's where you can read my take on Habitat Soundscapes. I hope you like it, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Mitel's ShoreTel Acquisition - Our Take on UCStrategies

In the UC/collab space, this was definitely the big news story last week, and it seems everyone had an opinion. This was Mitel's second try for ShoreTel, and aside from coming at a lower cost this time around, the move finally positions Mitel as the UCaaS consolidator they've long been talking about. I'll be sad to see ShoreTel go, but this is just part of the market's evolution, and it won't be the last time the pool shrinks.

There was lots to discuss, and Dave Michels was his usually engaging self moderating the group. Our podcast is running now on the UCStrategies portal, and here's the link. There was lots of buzz in the media as well, and I was cited in this writeup from TMC

My Digital Transformation Series with RingCentral - Latest Post

I've recently been writing occasional guest posts for the RingCentral blog, and given how well they're doing in the UCaaS space, it's a good audience to be in front of. My most recent coverage has been about digital transformation, and more particularly, its impact on  collaboration. I've had a chance to speak to some RingCentral customers about their experiences, and that has informed my ongoing research about what's happening.

The second post in this series just ran yesterday - "The Benefits of Workflows for Collaboration", and it's already attracted wide readership. If you like it, you'll want to read the first post in this series, and then hang on for a bit, as the third post will be running later this month. 

July Writing Roundup

June was a tough act for me to follow on the writing and speaking front, so my roundup is a bit light for July. However, the topics I've been researching and writing about are very topical, and I think there is plenty here to digest if you don't follow me that closely. As always, comments and sharing are welcome, and it's time to get going with a new round of writing for August.

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