My Next Ziff Davis Webinar - 3 Collaboration Trends for 2018

Told you it was a busy month.  I've got two webinars coming up this month, and this one is with my mainstay, Ziff Davis. Being January, I've got another 2018 outlook theme, namely how three trends are now driving collaboration - chatbots/AI, messaging and the changing role of voice.

They're all connected, but each is having its own impact, and I'll be breaking that down, along with a review of the major consolidation moves from last year that are setting the table for 2018. Here's the registration page, and I'll do a couple more shout-outs to keep it on your radar.

My Next Webinar - 2018 Channel Outlook for UC

Got a lot going on this month, so no complaints for the new year so far. Am doing a shout-out here for my next webinar - it's Friday, Jan. 26 at 2pm ET, and it's my first one with Informa, best known for their Channel Partners portal and conference. They have 8x8 lined up as a sponsor, with their speaker TBD.

I'll be the featured presenter, looking at the state of the UC space for 2018, and the challenges facing the channels. Here's the registration page with all the details, and I hope you can join us.

My 2018 Outlook for No Jitter - The Shape of Collaboration

Got to see a bunch of really good films during the break, and I'll bet you can tell which one inspired this post. My latest No Jitter column is running now, and it explains why I see some telling parallels between the shape of water and the shape of collaboration, and how this should provide points of caution for IT decision-makers going into 2018. I hope you enjoy it, and your comments are welcome. 

Looking a bit further ahead, Enterprise Connect is coming, and I'll be giving a talk there about trends in speech technologies. That will likely be the focus of my next No Jitter post, so watch for that.


Hackonomy - How BroadSoft Helps Service Providers Succeed with the Cloud

I wanted to start off 2018 with my extended thoughts about BroadSoft, a company that has continuously stayed on the forefront of innovation in our space from my earliest days as an analyst in 2001. Among independents, I can't think of many others that fit the bill, and as the industry continues to consolidate, this is a good time to reflect on what they have done right to be successful.

Not only is the technology changing so quickly, but the barriers to entry are getting higher. In today's market, it's not enough to have great technology, and slick marketing will only take you so far. Competing on price is a race to the bottom, and what really makes the difference is having a customer-centric vision, and a culture that allows the business to innovate around these levers. Very few companies do it well over time, and there are lessons to be learned from BroadSoft.

That's what I've tried to capture in my latest analysis, and you can read it here. The format is a bit different, but with all the writing I do, I'm always looking to try new things to connect with my followers. Feel free to share, and as always, your comments are welcome.

2018 Business Comms Forecast - our Latest BCStrategies Podcast

Eventually, I'll transition fully from UCStrategies to BCStrategies, and hopefully this doesn't cause confusion. Two names, two websites, but the content is the same, and so are the people. Am hoping it will just be BCStrategies at some point in 2018, and I'm getting on the bandwagon now.

I stand corrected on my earlier blog post, saying that our podcast about Net Neutrality was the last one for 2017. Forgot about that one, and this one is our lookout for what 2018 holds for the always expanding/ever-confusing world of communications/collaboration/customer care.

Whatever you choose to call it, this podcast is a good roundup of analysts and consultants - myself included - who are all close to the trends shaping this space. I think you'll find it time well-spent, and here's the link to hear what we had to say. Feel free to add your take, and I'll be back to blogging early next week. Happy New Year!

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